PELETRONIC – Honey Badger – incl DMX Krew Rmx – RFR023

  1. Riddim & Bassline
  2. Sry I´m Dazed AF
  3. True Brew
  4. DMX Krew Remix – Riddim & Bassline (DMX Krew Rmx)

veröffentlicht am 25. Mai 2023

LTD Stamped 12″ incl. DMX Crew Remix


Vienna impact on RFR! PELETRONIC blesses us with his own unique blueprint of abstract house.
„Riddim & Bassline“ are the main ingredients for the opener of his 
„Honey Badger EP“. A rumbling, buzzing and funk loaden predator digs his way into our ear canal.
„Sry I’m dazed AF“ – words we‘d sometimes like to address our supervisor with, especially after a serious weekend night out. A grating, distorted Miami Bass variant on a Deep House bouquet that lives up to his title.
„True Brew“ also starts wonderfully imperfect. Blustering beats and scruffy hi hats are being perfectly paired with a piano harmony. Bring us another two or twenty of this special drink!
Last but not least we got a remix by none other than DMX Krew, who provides a bubbly finish to „Riddim & Bassline“. There is not much left to say, cos if you got Ed DMX on your record, really everything has been said.

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