Generali Minerali – Rocketman EP – RFR020 – BC Digital ONLY – Microfeel

  • Batteries Aren’t Low
  • 5-5-6/5-6-5
  • I Got It
  • Smooth D 05:36
  • Bandcamp digital ONLY – Microfeel

released October 7, 2022

P&C 2023 RFR Records


It has only been four catalogue numbers in the past since …..
Generali Minerali (Tbisili/Georgia) cooperated with RNBWS and made a fuzz. This time he’s on a solo path, or – according to the title – maybe alongside with Kim Jong-un?
“Batteries aren’t low” gets to the heart of Generali’s sense for sounds: Softly billowing Electro, a vocal sample which kinda sounds like P. Diddy and harmonies that could well have been on “Selected Ambient Works II”. Come on, let’s go!
Point before line calculation or cryptic code? We don’t know for sure, but “5-5-6:5-6-5“ remains true to the ambient focus of the a-side. Retro 90s vibe, cosmic, prancing and floating – like stumbling into the chill out area for the first time on a muzzy Sunday morning.
“I got it” comes in significantly more abstract. Harmonies give way to industrial sounds, without vanishing entirely. Electric boogie with litte acid nuances – beautiful prelude to the b-side!
In terms of acid, „Smooth D“ puts a few blotters on top. A combination of psych sounds, dirty raw drums and trippy sequences. Two tickets for the 90s time capsule, please.
Microfeel brings us a mélange of a phat Electro-Acid line and a sparse b-line to, ostensibly trying to make us cold.

Element 2