Bavarian Stallion Series 009

  • A1: Dj RFR – Cum On (06:25)
  • A2: Rhode & Brown – Boys Do Cry (06:00)
  • B1: Oana Leca – How you doing (06:58)
  • B2: Nik Woodward – Latch the Gate (08:29)

Release Date Vinyl: 24.09.2019
Release Date Bandcamp Digital: 04.10.2019
Bavarian Stallions – Serie 009/10

P&C 2019 RFR Records
All rights reserved
LC 85121
Distributed (Vinyl) by Diamonds & Pearls Music (Berlin)


A1: Madness blasts through the front door, armed with obscure effects and a gnarly acidic bassline. Severe Chicago percussion massacre in the middle, followed by a soothing synth finale. Cum on, you know that’s
how Dj RFR does!

A2: Munich mesmerizers Rhode & Brown at their best sonic behaviour. May we call this acid trance wave? Sure, ‚cos Boys Do Cry.

B1: Born in Romania, raised in London, now Munich’s her home. Oana Leca delivers a fusion of two of her most beloved styles- Minimal House vibes in a blue shimmering

released September 24, 2019

All Tracks Written & Produced by
Dj RFR, Rhode & Brown, Oana Leca, Nik Woodward

Mastering: ManMadeMastering Berlin

Artwork: Designliga

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