Bavarian Stallion Series 008

  • A1: Schlachthofbronx – Echolette (06:30)
  • A2: Max Cavalerra – Basic (06:18)
  • B1: Edgar 9000 – Object is Bold (07:18)
  • B2: The Anarchy Skywalkers – FAT (04:19)

Release Date Vinyl: 30.04.2019
Release Date Bandcamp Digital: 30.04.2019
Release Date Digital: 17.05.2019

P&C 2019 RFR Records
LC 85121
Made in EU
Distributed (Vinyl) by Diamonds & Pearls Music (Berlin)


A1: Damn – deez be some underwater dwellers. Hittin‘ that snare like dem old boys – Lee Scratch or Mad Professor. This stuff is on fire, and not for Fyre. Works on real floors, you can’t #Hashtag that shit.

A2: Mr. Max takes us down the Cavelerra highway. Starting with a solid and sparse veneer, turns into a wicked acid-filled warehouse jack. Throw in a strobe and some smoke and away we go.

B1: Old school maestro goes into stormy moody mode. Applying the simple counterpunch with a long and winding synth line, Edgar sneaks in a menacing acid line – teleporting you into the deepest corners of dystopian space. Definitely some shamanic tendencies going… more
releases April 30, 2019

All Tracks Written & Produced by
Schlachthofbronx, Max Cavallera, Edgar 9000, The Anarchy Skywalkers

Mastering: ManMadeMastering Berlin

Artwork: Designliga

Element 2