Bavarian Stallion Series 006

  • A1 – Glaskin – Tymewriter (5:11)
  • A2 – Preset – Clubsub (4:44)
  • B1 – vince – namechanger (5:42)
  • B2 – Philipp von Bergmann & Maurice Paloni – Sentilinga Settlement (6:03)

Release Date Vinyl: 06.12.2018
Release Date Digital: 30.11.2018

P&C RFR Records
LC 85121
Made in EU
Distributed (Vinyl) by Diamonds & Pearls Music (Berlin)


A1: The brothers Jonathan and Ferdinand Bockelmann aka Glaskin … the “Kellerkinder” who are taking care of the „Schall im Schilf“ & „Back to the Woods Festival“ form together the duo Glaskin. In recent months, a lot has happened to them, they have e.g. with Esacpe Velocity released her debut EP and another 2 more on Hotflush. „Tymewriter“ is carried by a broken beat over which gloomy surfaces overlap. Just FAT !!

A2: Simon D and Pluto produce together as Preset. With „Club Sub“ they deliver a dirty techno-breakbeat board that does not look the same. Techno Smasher !!

B1: Blitz Resident & Lighthouse Festival Booker Leo Küchler aka “vince” made his vinyl debut with „namechanger“. He does justice to his style as a DJ with this housig-playful number in each case.

B2: Phillip von Bergmann is Rote Sonne Resident and firmly in the circle of friends of Ilian Tape, Maurice Paloni runs the label Alden. The result of their collaboration is a breaker club track, perfect for building tension.

All Tracks Written & Produced by
Glaskin, Preset, vince, Philipp von Bergmann & Maurice Paloni

Mastering: ManMadeMastering Berlin

Artwork: Designliga

Element 2