Bavarian Stallion Series 002

  • A1 – Stenny – Curve K (5:14)
  • A2 – Trap10 – People Zoo (6:04)
  • B1 – Jonas Friedlich – Jazzersizzzze (7:00)
  • B2 – PT-2 – L.A.M.3 (6:09)

Release Date Vinyl: 12.07.2018
Release Date Digital: 31.07.18

P&C RFR Records
LC 85121
Made in EU
Distributed (Vinyl) by Diamonds & Pearls Music (Berlin)


A1: The exceptional producer Stenny has been a Munich resident for a few years to be as close as possible to his musical home port of
Ilian Tape. Here he once again proves what a perfectly mixed supergroovy breakbeat board is.

A2: Janis and Fabian from the live duo aka Trap10 do not hide their musical ideals. In „People Zoo“ it’s classic but classy, ​​according to old Detroit style and Chicago tradition.
all about: tape delay is his weapon of choice, often with vocals and rarely straight beats. With „Jazzersizzzze“ he ties in masterfully to it.

B1: Jonas Friedlich’s EPs on Molten Moods and Four Triangles are a good example of what Techno’s style is

B2: P-T2 has become an integral part of the Red Sun (Club Rote Sonne) in just a few years, indulging her fondness for the harder pace of club music. Accordingly, their RFR post is an acid board, as it is written in the book.

All Tracks Written & Produced by
Stenny, Trap10, Jonas Friedlich, P-T2

Mastering: ManMadeMastering Berlin

Artwork: Designliga

Element 2