Bavarian Stallion Series 000

  • A1: Jichael Mackson – Zauberwald Pt. 1
  • B1: Fathers Of Peace – Keta Lion

released April 6, 2018


P&C 2018 RFR Records
All rights reserved
LC 85121


„Zauberwald Pt. 1“ by Jichael Mackson guides you through a complex psychedelic arrangement. A babble of voices is followed by reverberated chords while another suprise is just around the next corner. Definitely not one to skip through.

Fathers Of Peace are Richard For-Rieger and Pino. „Keta Lion“ surely lives up to its name. The club gets excited when the lion creeps. Both versions are great to build up tension, the night version definitely being more offensive compared to the rather modest day version.

All Tracks Written & Produced by
Jichael Mackson, Fathers of Peace
Mastering: ManMadeMastering Berlin
Artwork: Designliga